So what is new in this app!

PhotoshopAdobe has come up with the next big thing in the year 2014. Named after creative cloud , this new software offers you the access to the most amazing software used in photo editing, graphic design and cloud services.

Few of the services offered by creative cloud are

  • Photoshop cc
  • Dreamweaver cc
  • Illustrator cc
  • After effects cc
  • Muse cc
  • Photoshop light room 5
  • Acrobat XI
  • InDesign cc

And many more depending upon the plan you purchase.

Here is a little insight on newly added features

The major change that happened in Adobe Photoshop is Behance with the help of which you can upload a photo directly from Photoshop to the cloud which was not possible before. Also, there were few features like video analysis and 3d tools were the part of two different version of Photoshop, however, in creative cloud you get all features in one version.

Another new feature which is added is Camera shake reduction and the blur settings, you can now blur the part of the picture without affecting the original pixels by using the tilt shift blur.Spot Removal Lightroom

The illustrator which is also known as Graphics editor has come up with the new touch and type tool where you can easily move, rotate, edit, change the fonts then and there. You can now search for fonts as well from within the illustrator. With the use of Behance you can also upload the pictures on the cloud directly from the software.

Dreamweaver is a boon for the website builders. Consist of a visual editor. In Dreamweaver edits the files locally and upload them on the remote web server with the help of FTP. In the creative cloud version of this software, you can copy and paste styles from one selector to the other. Another feature is you can now insert the HTML codes directly to the document. The major feature is the CSS (which has been upgraded to CSS3). In creative cloud, Dreamweaver is integrated to other applications where you can directly go from Photoshop desk to the Comp code. Binding the gap between Photoshop and Dreamweaver, you do not have to switch between the two apps anymore.

By using the After effects software provided in creative cloud, you can sync between multiple machines. Import your changes from your laptop to your desktop computer without the harm of losing it. Much faster than the previous version. Add or remove or enhance the motion blur by using motion blur tool.

Muse is a tool which is used for designing the websites which integrates a large number of fonts into it. This is a brilliant software where you do not need a code to build a website and publish your website without even worrying about the ftp server. Website owners can now make changes on their own using Muse as it offers the in browser editing. Site planning is the new tool which you can use to see the layout of your website virtually. It also offers you to test the website and make changes if required, before the website goes live.

Adobe Lightroom 5 is one of my fav software in Creative cloud. Being a photographer you can  transform your images from normal to amazing. First of it is integrated with photoshop , hence once done with the lightroom you may get the edited pictures directly to photoshop for final touch. Noise reduction can be applied to the entire image or you can select the parts of the picture where the noise is much more than the required amount. The radial gradient tool is used for creating the vignette effects and offers you a number of designs in that as well. With the use of Upright tool you can straighten the tilted pictures in one go.

With indesign cc you can move the entire rows and columns only by selecting dragging and dropping which saves a quite lot of time unlike the previous version.

Apart from all these, Creative cloud has released a new set of apps for ios and for free

  • Adobe sketch
  • Adobe line
  • Adobe photoshop mix
  • Adobe lightroom mobile

In one line you can access all your photos videos colors communities from anywhere you are on the go. Get the new Creative Cloud app for iPhone and iPad for full access on your mobile devices.