Way back in May BlackBerry had announced that it would bring Blackberry Messenger for both Android and iOS…The dates kept on fluctuating and halaat yeh hain ki now it is coming in summer! Tic toc, the clock is ticking and nothing in the Play Store or App Store yet!

In midst of all this finaaaaalyyyy there is a video teaser that sows beta version of BBM running on Android.

The app looks exactly same as BlackBerry Messenger for Blackberry 10.

BlackBerry has been slow in realising that they are losing market. Remember who purana ad where Men in Black Suite had BlackBerrys and it was a status symbol? We are way past it now.

The super slow, lazy entry of BBM might not even make any difference to the users as there are many, I mean good God many, Alternative services.

All we can do say “All the best BlackBerry!”

Credits BlackberryOS.com