Communication simplified!

chatworkChatWork is an all-in-one communication platform which was launched in March 2011 and has over 250K users. Their headquarter is in Japan with one branch is Sunnyvale, CA in U.S.

Three business communication problems that we face

  1. According to Japan research data a person spends 29 hours every week  on emails, meetings and phone.
  2. Skype is unstable so the chances of communication break are high.
  3. Task management and tracking who does what and when is difficult.

Features of ChatWork

  • Easy group chat
  • Task management – create and manage task
  • File sharing – drag and drop sharing
  • Video chat – Easy conferencing and better stability

How is ChatWork different

  • Only one and simplified chat window for all the chats.
  • Better screen share and video calling (works on Windows 8 too)
  • Perfect copy paste even while you use video call (unlike skype)

Because better communication means more business opportunities!

For more information check out ChatWork