Cube26 launches its new brand – Reos with a new vision towards beneficial and smarter smartphone technology. Under the Reos brand, the company brings a suite of smart and innovative apps in Message, Camera, and Music category. Cube26 plans to extend its data science capabilities across software and hardware products in this new brand. Apart of it, Cube26 also brings a new version of smart bulb – Reos Lite which aims to strengthen its presence in the smart home segment.

Reos Music

Reos Music app is a combination of several apps with all their capabilities along the original music player .

Additional Features –

  • Online video content
  • Radio
  • Audio recognition technology
  • Powerful music equalizer
  • Fast search by a search engine
  • Relevant information
  • Beautiful visualized effects
  • Enhanced musical experience

When we search some song name, the application shows all the music and videos which are in storage as well as in web. The app uses audio recognition technology and enables users to identify different language songs.

Reos Camera

The Reos Camera app comes with different photo editing features at a single place. The app provides lots of photo filters to enhance the image quality. It allows users to view the effect in real time and capture it instantly. The filters also further enhancing the quality of images and transform it into artworks based on Indian themes.
The app also comes with inbuilt time-lapse and slow motion videos facilities. Reos Camera app also comes with new AI which uses unique image search and image recognition. The searched images comes with different links which leads to images.

Reos Message

Reos Message app takes users to a step ahead in messaging. It helps users to prioritize the most relevant and actionable messages while leaving the spam unnoticed. The messages are divided into smart folders categorized into Main, Notifications & Promo . It helps users to get notifications only for the important messages such as personal, banking, payment etc.

The Instant Cards feature allows the user to quick access to the main information. Its AI detects only important note from all the message such as OTP number, Cab Detail, PNR number and many more. Company’s major targets are the user segments which uses the message apps regularly such as students and working professional.

All the three apps are available on Android Play Store with no cost.

Reos Lite

The new Reos Lite is an upgraded version of the smart bulb. It features new and different modes, schedules and alerts notifications. It also has new features which allows it to sync with their music, messaging and camera app. Users can also adjust the colour temperature from Cool White to Warm White in this new version. Upgrading the connectivity features- now it can connect with 7 or more bulb simultaneously.

The bulb consumes 13W Power and 1100 Lumen total luminous flux. Reos Lite is priced at Rs 1,699 and will be available to purchase on Flipkart for Indian consumers from 31st August 2016.