Flipboard magazine app!

Flipboard_1Flipboard lets you to add content by topic and organize it in a graphical format which gives you a magazine feel. This is not available in Google Currents.

It lets the users to become the writer. It helps the users to pick stories from different resources and collect them in a magazine like format and share with others via different others apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hangout, Emails and etc. Flipboard is a simple and new reader’s application. All you need to do is specify the source you want news articles from to download all the related articles the user want to read at their convenience.

Flipboard pick photos from its latest articles to display those on its front page. Flipboard has a collection of categories. This app welcomes you with three categories. One is the cover stories and the other two are personally chosen categories.

Flipboard has a 3D flip animation when you flip up or down to view more content. This feature of flipping is not available in Google Currents.Flipboard allows user to add subscriptions and link your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.Whereas Google Currents doesn’t allow users to connect to social media. Flipboard is currently available in Android, iOS and Blackberry 10 for free.


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