Google recently rolled out a new Gmail v.8.7.15 update in which they added a new setting to change the Swipe Actions. The new feature will help with usability for the users. Gmail’s new update also shows it may feature the Email Scheduling feature in future.

Swipe Actions:

Earlier, the swipe actions were fixed by the Gmail App itself but now they’ve added an option to change the action. Now users have the option to select features what they want when they swipe left or right in the mail. You can select separately for both the actions.

Users can choose the option from Archive, Delete, Mark as Read/Unread, Move To, Snooze and None. You can set anyone for both left and right swipe actions. This will surely ease the load as everyone can choose the option which suits them.

Email Scheduling:

As per the teardown did by Android Police, the new Gmail v8.7.15 shows a claim that’ll add Email Scheduling feature in the future. The email scheduling was requested by tons of people all over the world. Gmail team appears to be adding its own native scheduling feature to the app, and that likely means it should also be coming to the web interface soon. The new Gmail app has a label containing the title “Schedule send” that goes with a new entry in the overflow menu of the Compose screen.

<string name=menu_schedule_send>Schedule send</string>

excerpt from /menu/compose_menu.xml
<item android:enabled=false android:id=@+id/schedule_send android:visible=false android:title=@string/menu_schedule_send android:showAsAction=never/

Google is releasing the update for the global level which you can update from the Google Play Store. If you haven’t got that update you can download it from here too.

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