The Honor 6X impresses with its dual cameras

Over the last year, we have seen a lot of smartphones that featured a dual-camera setup. However, the brand which took the lead among them was Huawei and its sub-brand Honor with the launch of the P9 and Honor 8. And, once again, Honor is aiming to change the game with the launch of the 6X, which is the most affordable smartphone with a dual rear camera.

At the back, it sports a 12MP shooter that’s supplemented by a 2MP camera. It features PDAF technology for fast autofocusing and LED flash for shooting dim environments.

Now you must be wondering what’s the purpose of the two snappers on the Honor 6X. Well, the secondary camera enhances the depth information while the first one focuses and captures the subject. This means that the pair of cameras give you the best result for the wide aperture mode with bokeh effect. The best part is that this effect is easy to achieve and one doesn’t need to spend huge sum of money to get a DSLR for getting such pictures.

If you want to use it, then you can select the effect by tapping on the lens icon showing on the top of camera app. One can simply take image under bokeh effect by choosing the mode, keeping the focus on the foreground object and then changing the focus point. Interestingly, since the depth information is fully captured, you can change the focus points later as well. The 6X also lets you adjust aperture ranging from f/0.95 to f/16.

The camera app on the Swagphone Honor 6X offers a lot of modes to offer a good imaging experience. The Auto mode is common, while the Pro mode allows you to change the ISO, whitebalance, etc. The HDR and Panorama mode is again common but shoots handy and good images.

The ‘Good Food’ option is mainly for the foodies out there, who loves to eat and capture what they’re eating to show it to the world via Instagram, Snapchat, etc. We have to say that with this mode, food looks even better. The Document Scan mode is also quite useful as you can capture the image and it automatically aligns it properly like a scan. The Watermark and Audio Note mode might not be useful for everyone, but is a great idea for those who need to capture some photos with a note on it or with some audio note in the background. The Light Painting mode is an impressive mode as it lets you capture light trails or stars by reducing the shutter speed, although we’d recommend you to use a tripod for keeping the Honor 6X stable for the perfect output.

According to us, the Night Shot is the second best feature on the Honor 6X after the bokeh effect. This mode captures impressive photos even in low light. In this mode, user just needs to hold the camera steady for around 20-30 seconds as per the light coming to the camera, and the device does the rest.

Moving on to the Video section, again there is Pro mode which is useful to shoot advance and good videos. The Beauty Video mode is for capturing good quality personal video. The slow-mo and Timelapse works fine and takes impressive videos.

The front camera on the Honor 6X is of 8-megapixels. It shoots decent selfies with good whitebalance and details. The beautify mode enhances the selfies, and also offers a slider letting the user to set it from 0 to 10 which enhances the image as per user’s desire.

Overall the Honor 6X’s camera experience is quite impressive and is among the best you can get in its price segment. As mentioned earlier, with a price tag starting from Rs 12,999, then it’s already the most affordable dual-camera phone. It focuses on the subjects fast and captures images with excellent colour reproduction and lots of details.

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