We already covered the announcement of the Yoga Book and the Yoga 910 yesterday, but since the Lenovo Yoga book is among the most distinctive hybrid laptops we have seen in a while, it was obvious that a standalone post about the Lenovo Yoga Book is necessary.

Now, Lenovo has introduced this 2-in-1 laptop with a bit of a twist. It comes with a familiar “watchband hinge” that you will find in many other Lenovo devices but there is one more thing that is very interesting. That is the secondary pressure sensitive screen that has been placed instead of a physical keyboard. The touch and pressure-sensitive screen is powered by Wacom and it shows a keyboard layout when you have to write.

Lenovo has made sure that you get the best typing experience on this thing and hence they have provided an adaptive typing experience on this laptop. The keyboard will learn from your typing pattern and then it will adapt itself to provide you the best results. Yes, you will miss the physical keys but then to do something new, changes are needed to be done.

The same pressure sensitive screen can turn into “Create Pad” and that is a name given to it by Lenovo. The Create Pad can easily accept inputs from fingers as well as a stylus. You can use it to take notes, draw or anything you want and the Yoga Book will reproduce the same on screen. In fact, you can use a real pen and paper and keep the paper on the Create Pad and the same things that you write on the paper will appear on screen which is really cool.

Lenovo is launching two versions of the Yoga Book. One of the versions will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it will cost you $499 while the Windows 10 version will cost you $549. You do get the stylus included which is cool. Both versions also have LTE connectivity and that will be useful for wireless networking.

As per Lenovo, the Android version of the Lenovo Yoga Book will provide a battery life of 15 hours on a single charge and the Windows 10 version is supposed to last 13 hours. Both versions will have 8,500mAh battery which is a good amount of battery juice but the battery life will ultimately depend on the usage.