Lenovo welcomes new additions to its Legion brand that are uniquely tailored to match the
needs of the modern gamer. These devices come with Industry-leading design and engineering deliver the ideal balance between aesthetics and performance: clean, sleek and more portable options that still pack a punch. Lenovo will cultivate partnerships to bring together its Legion tribe both on and offline, fostering stronger local gaming ecosystems.

Let’s look at the revamped version of Legion Series

Legion Y530 Laptop

This 15.6” gaming laptop guarantees serious power for the avid gamer, delivering more muscle per millimeter than any 15-inch before it. Thermally optimized to run cooler and quieter with a full-sized white backlit keyboard, is primed avid gamers. The laptop comes at a starting price of Rs. 85,585 GST at the wide network of Lenovo Exclusive stores and multi-brand stores.

Legion T530 Tower

This explosively powerful 28-liter desktop has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver a bold new look. It houses the latest Intel® gaming processors, discrete graphics, DDR4 memory, PCIe SSD storage, and dual-channel cooling, all with external red system lighting. It comes at a starting price tag of Rs. 86,299 at the wide network of Lenovo Exclusive stores.

Legion Y730 Laptop

The Y730 features the latest in gaming technology from Intel and NVIDIA® wrapped in expertly crafted all-aluminum materials. This all makes it a gaming laptop that is amazingly powerful and impossibly thin and light. It has over 16 million color combinations and effects
visible from a keyboard to ambient thermal lighting, for the ultimate customizable gaming experience. It comes at an attractive price tag of Rs. 96,025 at Lenovo Exclusive stores.

Legion C730 Cube

This 19-litre gaming PC has all the hardware players need for a breathtakingly immersive gaming experience. The latest Intel K processing, NVIDIA graphics, and overclocked Corsair® memory. All housed in a chassis featuring a dual-channel thermal system with RGB system lighting and transparent top panel. The C730 Cube comes at a starting price of Rs. 1,34,599 at the wide network of Lenovo Exclusive stores.

Legion T730 Tower

The Legion T730 Tower combines style with power with its 28-litre desktop cabinet. It features customizable RGB LED system lighting, a transparent side panel, optional liquid, and cooling. The extreme processing and graphics power with overclocking options to completely immerse gaming fans. It comes at a starting price of Rs. 1,34,599 available at the wide network of Lenovo Exclusive stores.

Legion Y25f-10 Gaming Monitor

This monitor is specially designed for gaming purpose. The display provides 24.5-inch of near-edgeless viewing and certified Eye Comfort, reducing eye fatigue, tiredness and neck, and shoulder pain. It comes with AMD FreeSync Technology with fast 144 Hz refresh rate eliminates screen tearing. Its incredible 1ms response time minimizes display stutter and input lag – perfect for gaming. The Legion Y25f-10 Gaming Monitor comes at starting price of Rs 17,100 at Lenovo Exclusive stores.