The coolest camera ever! 

Oppo Mirror 3 Camera

Oppo has launched a new device named as Oppo N3. This device has a mind blowing camera of 16MP. Offering a max resolution of 64MP, the camera has Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens. A configuration, that exceeds the standard of current mobile flagship devices. The pixel size is 1.34 micron. Also, it has the integration of 5 optical lenses. It also has dual LED flash which will provide you more natural kind of light for the images.

The new platform known as Pure image 2.0+ has been launched by Oppo. Now this platform is the coolest ever in cameras. This would handle a magnitude of different photography settings. So as soon as you activate the camera on the device, the PI engine will start automatically and perform a smart analysis on the environment and will deliver the best photograph in that characteristic.

IMG_20150525_221220 (1)

Also, you can convert the camera into a full-fledged editing suite of your own. The feature known as smart image plugin feature, you can give your creative soul a new exposure.

Now you must be wondering what the smart plugin feature is! This feature helps the device to create a series of unique and sophisticated photography experiences. You may find the options which you look for in a professional camera like DSLR and SLR for personalized and customized settings. And you can click fantastic images anytime anywhere.

Let’s check some of the features :

Auto panorama mode lets you exist in number of places at one time:

Oppo N3 enables you to be omnipresent. Sounds funny? Well that’s kinda’ true you can now appear in multiple locations in one fame. How does that work? So before using the auto panorama, choose 3-4 segments within 206° view of the N3’s camera. Once the camera will finish scanning the first segment you may move from the focus area and get into the other frame before the camera takes the remaining shots in the sequential order.

Double exposure: use two pictures in one frame over one another.

Another plugin that can be of use is the Double exposure Plugin. This is one amazing feature where when you click a picture using the oppo N3 camera the PI 2.0+ simply activates the double exposure and the first picture remains on the screen in order to help you with the superimposing of another image layered over the first. So when both the images are clicked, the PI will automatically merge two images into one.

Ultra HD:

IMG19700106231320 (1)

Awesome image quality; with high definition. You can now see all the fine details in the pictures clicked using the oppo N3 camera. The device is equipped with a multi frame synthesis super sampling technique that combines RAW images into a HD (ultra high resolution) with awesome fine details. The device can give the maximum resolution of 64MP however; it also works in 32MP mode to cater to different user needs.

 Professional Compact camera come smartphone:

IMG19700106055242 (1)

Have Oodles of fun that too in a professional style, the camera quality of OPPO N3 is far better than any other camera and the picture quality is just next to what you get in a professional cam. All because of the PI 2.0+ camera plugin. Understanding today’s demand and the fact that professional cameras are not for everyone; OPPO released a professional camera plugin with so many features like white balance, ISO, exposure and manual focus. Join in the league and be a professional.