While the Indian smartphone market is crowded than ever, there are a few phonemakers that have been able to stand out. OPPO is one such brand as it has always brought forth innovative features with its offerings. The company made waves earlier this year with the launch of the Find X, the world’s first smartphone with hidden front and rear cameras, to offer a full-screen front panel.

OPPO continued to impress with its other offerings introduced in 2018, and to end its run with a bang, the manufacturer has introduced the R17 Pro in the country. With a stunning gradient design, a high screen-to-body ratio, powerful specs and Super VOOC charging, the OPPO R17 Pro will sway a lot of buyers. But the device also impresses with its cameras, as it’s among the very few handsets in India to sport triple shooters on the rear. So if you are wondering what the shooters on the phone are capable of, read on.

The specs
Before we begin, let’s take a closer look at the camera setup on the OPPO R17 Pro. You get a primary 12-megapixel snapper, which is paired with a 20MP lens and a ToF sensor. Now each of these shooters pack in some interesting features, so we’ll discuss them one by one. The 12MP shooter supports dual aperture of f/1.5 and f/2.4, allowing the sensor to let in more light in case of dim environments to ensure well-detailed images and vice versa when the ambient light is enough. The secondary camera is a telephoto lens allowing you to get closer to your subjects. The third one is quite interesting as it’s most common use-case has been for the front camera, but the R17 Pro utilises the time of flight sensor to enable AR capabilities and better depth sensing for the portrait mode.

Of course, you get the usual features such as phase detection autofocus to quickly lock focus on the subject, optical image stabilisation for smoother shots, 4k video recording and more.

The camera app

The R17 Pro’s camera app is quite feature-rich too, as it lets you access a number of modes without being confusing. At the bottom, you get an option to click portraits, night shot, panorama and expert mode to change ISO, shutter speed, etc. Up top, you get toggles for flash, HDR, self-timer among other things. There’s also the ability to apply real-time filters and enable the beauty mode. And did we tell you that OPPO is also offering AI Scene Recognition, which identifies over 17 scenarios to offer the best settings while capturing.

The camera samples

We’re sure that after looking at such camera configuration, you must be wondering how well that translates to images? Well, we can tell you that the R17 Pro won’t disappoint you in any situation. You get crisp images that are full of details, be it in daylight or indoors. Even low-light shots ensure that the noise is kept to a minimum. In fact, we agree with the brand’s claim that the device will let you “seize the night”. What we also like is the colour accuracy of these shots as it’s natural and pleasing as well. The portrait mode is also effective and does a great job of edge detection. What that means is that the subject stands out from the background nicely.
So without further ado, we’ll leave you with the camera samples of the OPPO R17 Pro.

All in all, it’s evident that the Selfie Expert and Leader is making great strides in the rear camera photography as well, since the R17 Pro is a versatile cameraphone.