Phone or new gadget to play?

PhonebloksDo you have a smartphone….? Yes….Are you 100% satisfied with it…..? Probably

What if a company provides an option of a completely customizing your phone according to your choice….?  What the hell are you talking about…

Phonebloks….the new next gen concept that can make your dreams come true. A phone that exactly suits all your needs can be in your hands.

Phonebloks is a concept for a longer lasting, customizable, modular smartphone. The concept was created by Dave Hakkens. This concept has been compared to Lego building blocks. The modules or Bloks…are the various components that make up the phone such as camera, battery, Wi-Fi, screen, radio antenna, processor, micro USB port and others. The Bloks are interchangeable and detachable.  All the Bloks can be connected to a single board that secures them in place which makes upgrading and replacing a much easier task.

This design is much more effective than the conventional phones which have non-replaceable parts. Thereby it will minimize the wastage of any defective parts. Hakkens also plans to have a online store….called blokstore for buying the bloks.

Phonebloks is just an idea for now. But it is an idea with quite a bit of support. Since Hakkens’ introductory video about his phone uploaded on Tuesday, the video has already received over 5 million views and via a website called Thunderclap, the Dutch designer has already acquired over 200,000 supporters.Phonebloks_front_side