Qualcomm, what happened?

Qualcomm Toq_1Sony announced their smartwatch-2 few months ago, now Samsung has released its Galaxy Gear and finally Qualcomm announced Toq in IFA Berlin 2013. Qualcomm is a big whale in sea making chipsets and now they are trying few off beat things by launching Toq. Qualcomm Toq runs on 200MHz ARM Cortex M3 processor on Mirasol display 1.5-inch screen. Toq work on Bluetooth 4.0 and not NFC, it has a cool feature of wireless charging. Display of Toq in sunlight enhances, it become crisp and show clear images. With the Toq you would be able to ┬ámanage calls, text messages, and various notifications on the watch. Qualcomm is said that it is a limited edition watch, so grab as pre-ordering and direct sale is started. For more information on Toq visit – http://toq.qualcomm.com/

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch specifications

Processor: 200MHz ARM Cortex M3

Display: 1.5-inch Mirasol (288×192)

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Charging: Wireless