Good news for Gamers!


A new game for gamers named as Sniper fury going to launch on December 3rd 2015. The game will be released for Android, iOS and Windows! Innovative weapons, a new lookout this game has it all. The game covers a dark scenario where the world is under terrorist attack and the players are on to rescue.

The missions will be called out all over the world as the story thickens and terrorist attacks based on their stronger evil plans.

The environment diversity enables a variety of special atmospheric effects that enhances the value of this game even further.

The game has been developed in the same studio as Mortal combat 5, brother in armsĀ  5, and blitz brigade. The game has a shooting expertise based on latest technologies used in modern combat 5. Also the visual effects are to watch for which makes it even better.

This game is focused hundred percent on shooting. clear missions: eliminate threat, protect ally, survive, prevent enemy from fleeing etc.are the parts of it.

Teaser Video of Sniper Fury [youtube youtubeurl=”KU9XYTPNxGs” ][/youtube]