Sony is getting better every Year!

Sony SmartBand_3Sony introduced its first SmartWear SmartBand SWR10 at CES 2014. As the name suggests, SmartBand is a lightweight band worn around the wrist that Sony says will record everything you do in your daily routine including capturing your movements, communication and entertainment. It will be able to tell how well you’ve slept as well as how many calories you’ve burnt.

SmartBand consists of a removable core unit and the band will come in a number of colours. The band is waterproof and will have a 5-day battery life. As you can see from the pictures below it has a premium-looking Sony fastener button. SmartBand also has LED notification lights to let you know when it is on.Sony SmartBand_2

The SmartBand will make you aware of any incoming notification via a small vibration in the band; this includes calls, texts or messages from social networks. You will be able to use the SmartBand to play, pause and skip your music whilst on the move. The SmartBand will also come with a Life Bookmark key that will allow you to capture everything that is happening at that moment with one button press.

Lifelog will be the Android companion app for the SmartBand, it will capture all of your physical, social and entertainment activities visually. The app will be able to see all of the media that you’ve consumed or how much you’ve been using social networks. Points will be awarded depending on how much you move and your lifestyle generally. You will also be able to set daily activity goals and try to beat your all-time best scores.

The SmartBand will only be available to Android users at launch (iOS users will have to wait). The SmartBand will launch during Q1 2014 for around the €99. Additional coloured bands will be available for purchase separately.