But first, let me take a selfie!

Sony Xperia SelfieWe live in the Selfie-era! Our grand kids will know us as the official inventors of “Selfies”!! So how can we NOT have a selfie phone out there, I mean an exclusive selfie phone!! Yes yes Selfie Smartphone 🙂 You heard me!

Sony is releasing something uber cool on July 8th. It is, ladies and gentleman… Sony Xperia Selfie!!!!

This phone is absolutely and purely and surely gonna focus on your awesome face 😀

It will have a powerful front facing camera and may be.. just may be.. you can expect a front-facing flash light. Hmm so revolution? Self-love?

Sony’s Twitter says “See your #selfies in a whole new light!” << That sounds like a flash is included, doesn’t it? We will soon know.

The specs are pretty much unknown but we all know that you will be able to take awesome selfies!

Stay tuned for more and more updates!

via The Xperia Blog