Timex IQ Move

Timex IQ+ Move is hybrid of Analogue Watch and Fitness Tracker. It comes with an attractive price tag of Rs 9,999 with various colour combinations. Can the traditional watchmaker compete with the fitness tracker manufacturers? Let’s check out the review and find out how well it works.

What features it offers?

  • Activity tracking
  • Single button for sync
  • Connects with your phone
  • Countdown timer
  • App for better usage
  • Customizable alarm
  • Soft silicone rubber strap
  • Water resistant

Design and Build

The Timex IQ+ Move has a stainless steel body with a soft rubber strap. The watch is neither too heavy nor too light, but it’s sturdy and has very good build quality. There is single button on the right side of the circular edge. The watchface has monotonous analogue design as seen in every other watch, but does offer a smaller activity tracker alongside. Overall, the design is impressive and build quality is solid too.

Timex IQ+ Move

Connectivity and Usage

The IQ+ Move is connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth with the help of Timex App. The connectivity is quite easy and one needs to fill up all the details like Name, Age, Height, Weight etc. for the sign-up process. The sync process is done by clicking the crown button given on the right side of the watch.

As mentioned above, the watch might give you an impression of being just like any other. However, it does come with a number of sensors for fitness tracking. One can assign the extra activity timer for step counting or to distance covered, as per your choice. Other than it, all the information can only be seen in the app.

There are four major tracking activity in it – steps, distance, calorie burned and sleep. These limit can be changed as per the user’s daily lifestyle. Additionally, you can setup alarms and timer. There’s a small light in it which can be activated by pressing the button.

Timex IQ+ Move


In my usage, all the fitness activity works well but there was a major problem with the sync process. It hardly syncs with the app. It may be specific to this review product only, but it spoils the user experience. Most often than not, I needed to unpair it and then pair it again just for syncing.

Timex IQ+ Move

The battery performance is quite good. Unlike the every other fitness bands which last a day or two, it lasts for a really long time with the traditional battery used in analog watches. This is a plus point for the watch.

The app usage is fine it offers all the customization needed for the watch and one can set them quite easily. The UI is minimal and the display for the different fitness tracking is good.


At a price of Rs 9,999, this watch seems a pretty interesting deal. Ignoring the sync problem, all other features works really well. If you want a stylish analogue watch that also works as a fitness tracker, you can definitely go for it.