A few days back we have posted a story which explains you the meaning of Cryptocurrency and all other Bitcoin-related information. Now we are assuming that you came here after reading that old story. In case you don’t know there are thousands of Cryptocurrencies available in the market. Their value changes every minute and it is a typical task to predict their future values. For this work, Cryptocurrency experts are available, they have deeply analyzed this concept and based on their personal experience they give investing suggestions to other peoples. But what about a general person who is new to this Cryptocurrency world, for him/her each and everything is anonymous here. The biggest question that often arises is What are the best Cryptocurrencies to invest in?

In this specific write-up, you will get to know about Top 5 Cryptocurrencies that you can trade in. It is worth noting that the value of Currency tokens is determined by a number of factors. Our Top Cryptocurrency list is based on the previous year analyses on which we can account up to a certain level. Do note that these values can change over the time and we are not responsible for any loss/gain suffered by you. So without making any further delay let’s get to the list.

1.) Bitcoin BTC
The name of Bitcoin has been first heard in the year 2008, the year when this currency was born. You will be surprised to know that the exact developer of this currency is still unknown. The currency is said to be produced by a group of individuals under the moniker of Satoshi Nakamoto. In the quarter 4 of 2017, the value of Bitcoin has reached the sky height level by outshining almost every Cryptocurrency in the market. This specific currency is responsible for a number of Billionaire and Millionaires all over the world. There can be 21 Million Bitcoin in circulation and as suggested by recent reports 16.8 Million Bitcoins are already in circulation. By the starting of 2018, the value of the Cryptocurrency suddenly experienced a serious drop which again put this in the headlines.

2.) Ethereum ETH
Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. You can call Ethereum as a “World Computer” and in short it is Bitcoin’s main competitor. It is a different concept as compared to the one found in the Bitcoin. Using Ethereum, servers, and clouds are replaced by “nodes” maintained by volunteers all over the world which makes it a decentralized method of development. Similar to Bitcoin it has received a great response in the year 2017 but at present, it keeps on fluctuating. Although the goal of Ethereum is very different from that of the Bitcoin, Ether aims to replace the third parties which are responsible for various services like cloud storage, handling financial information, etc.

3.) Litecoin
The currency was found in 2011 by Google’s former employee known as Charlie Lee. It has gained sudden attention in 2017 because of crazy price hikes. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and is an open source project opened under the MIT/X11 license. The current price of the currency is $215 but do note that it keeps on fluctuating. It shares some of its qualities with Ethereum while some are similar to Bitcoin. It is a global payment network and is completely decentralized without any interference of special authorities. The currency is achieved by solving a difficult problem. Compared to other currencies it offers faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage. According to our analysis, the currency will receive a serious rise in the year 2018.

4.) NEO
NEO is also a blockchain platform and a cryptocurrency developed to build a network of decentralized applications. The current price of the currency is $69.52 but do remember the prices of cryptocurrencies is determined by a lot of factors so they can change any time. The overall functionality of NEO is very identical to that of the Ethereum but its value is comparatively low. NEO has a lot of ongoing development due to which we have included this in our list. Upcoming NEO based ICO’s, open Global community of developers, smart economy, digital identity, etc. It also supports a number of development languages like Java, .NET, Python, etc. The current circulation of the currency is at 65,000,000 and is expected to increase by the time. As per our prediction NEO can be one of the best-valued cryptocurrency in 2018.

5.) Ripple XRP
Ripple is among the list of fresh cryptocurrencies as it came in the year 2012. It is a great competitor to the top-end Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies. In brief, Ripple is an RTGS(real-time gross settlement) system, currency exchange and remittance network. Ripple doesn’t rely on energy and use of powerful computers. Unlike Bitcoin, it is a centralized network used by banks for money transfers. Currency sent to Ripple network gets converted into XRP token on one end and any choice of currency in another end. According to a lot of cryptocurrency experts, Ripple is one of the most stable and reliable internet currency.