I love twitter!! Any update on twitter, anything new on twitter makes me smile 😉 (mostly) So when I heard of Twitter v5.0 for android I was way too excited and decided to try it and voila, it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Twitter v5.0One touch on “update now” and you will get a different feel.

New twitter has “hamburger navigation” (See I use fancy words too, ah..it just means vertical navigation).  Then there is something we never had before the menu with a hazy background, that my friend is in fact a super zoomed and blurred version of your header image.

End to end navigation is simple and pretty cool! Though it has a little lag and few graphic bugs but well it is still better than the last version.

The phone and tablet versions are no different. Just that the bigger screen of tablet will make it seem more clear 😉

BTW it is still in beta version and has same old not-so-cool widget. There is no integrated browser as well!

I find this new twitter COOL, what about you?

Cheers to the new twitter 🙂