Gamers with phones and tablets, get ready!

WikipadGaming on phone is fun for a while but well if you are a die-hard gamer you are always gonna wish for something more. Better control needs a little more than just on-screen controls. Something which might look like tradition remote control will be perhaps the best thing to hold in your hands while your heart is deep into the game and all you want is to win or finish that challenge!

Wikipad, the company which had once come up with a Wikipad 7 tablet has announced Gamevice, a gaming controlled for Android devices at CES. This looks like a very promising device as it will be flexible and will fit onto different phones and tablets. The technology used for making the device flexible is called “Flex-bridge”. Well that sounds like a short form for flexible bridge, doesn’t it?

So how will it look? It definitely has dual analog sticks, an anolog D-pad, four analog action buttons and L1/R1 and L2/R2 analog buttons.

We have no word on any, ANY other features or pricing but we promise we will keep you updated like we always do 😉

Do let us know what do you think about such very tradition looking and yet distinctly revolutionary devices?  Would you ever buy something like Gamevice?