RIP Windows XP!

windowsxp_gizmoManiacsBorn in 2001, Windows XP has finally ended its support. Why was it named Windows XP, well as it is the next version of Windows ME, Xp was suppose to stand for eXPerience!

In the Windows family Windows 95 was an important milestone and next one being Windows XP. Not just amazing look and feel, Windows XP also came with more stable and reliable environment.

The Two Versions Of Windows XP

So you are not in for any surprises, Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional are the two versions. All of us have at least once seen or used them 🙂

They focused on mobility and security. Later on came Windows XP 64-Bit edition (v2002), Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP (v2003).

The end of Windows XP

April 8, 2014 was the end of Windows XP support. Now there will be no more updates, no patches, and no protection against viruses and malware.

Being super popular it is going to be difficult for so many users to switch to something else.   It might also be expensive for them to move to newer versions.

The after effect

More than 400 million systems run on XP and a lot of these are businesses. It has been there since forever and it has been there strong, sturdy and user friendly. All this is going to change. Though change is a course of life so many of us have to learn to adapt to something new and before that probably we will be figuring out what that “new” would be.

This would also be hackers paradise now.

Just to add to it Microsoft’s their own Internet Explorer 9 won’t run on Windows XP.

You have one year!

The death would be slow, sure shot but slow… Microsoft has promised that to ease out the transition process by continuing to issue anti-malware updates for next one year.

What to do now?

So your Windows XP might be working fine right now but understand this “MOVE ON”. There can be many security threats you are unaware of. Do not hold on to your emotions and ease. Discover new horizons! Okay so may be I sounded a little more dramatic but all I meant is it’s time you get a different upgrade.

Will you miss Windows XP?