wireless chargingNow charge multiple devices simultaneously, even through walls and around the corners! Sounds so fictional?? But it’s true, “Ossia” had claimed such a technology which uses the same radio spectrum as other wireless standards, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

After six years of development, Ossia managed to develop new Cota wireless charging technology accidently and claims would be available to customers and enterprise by 2015.

This revolutionary design can change the way to charge a device. Usually there is wired charging where the main source of charging which is a messy job, but when it comes to wireless Qi (pronounced “chee”) standard or magnetic resonance technology is used, in which the unit has to be placed very near to a Qi induction unit to be charged. But for Cota it is totally different.

Hatem Zeine founder of Ossia said, “You don’t have to put the charging device in every room, just put in one room and all wireless devices can be powered easily”. The best part is it can charge multiple devices simultaneously within the range. Imagine all wireless devices being charged simultaneously! This reduces the tension of messing up with chords. Cool right?

It includes a charge-transmitting unit and a charge receiver. Charge-transmitting unit has a dimension of 6 feet’s as a prototype, but the current design can be restricted up to 18 inches and it cost 100$ (Rs. 6500 approx) or a little more. Charge receiver unit is a small dongle shaped device, or a technology integrated device into a device.

Zeine said “once the patent is accepted, and the technology will be licensed to developers and manufacturers, he envisions that it could power anything — a cellphone, a TV remote-control clicker, a game controller, Bluetooth headsets or flashlights”. That’s fantastic right? Imagining the future with such wireless charging technology would be awesome.


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