Security on Apple devicesThese days the popularity of smartphones has increased dramatically. We can perform multiple tasks with your smart phones. Its importance can be understood by the frequency of its use in daily life. Everyday,  a new smart phone is launched. Recently Apple launched two new iPhones: the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5C. This new form of freedom has a significant impact on and individual’s life, right? Well, it’s not like what it looks. As every technology has their pros and cons, similar a smart phone does have. Apparently Apple had patented a new technology which would block certain phone features for any ‘sensitive events’.

What blocking features? Yes that’s correct. Wireless devices like cellular telephones, pagers, personal media devices and smart phones are easily carried among people with various social and professional setting. As the result these devices can annoy, frustrate, and threaten people in sensitive venues.

But, What kind of events? According to Apple Inc, that can largely be implemented for use during rock concerts, cinemas, theaters, religious ceremonies, weddings, funerals, academic lectures, and test-taking environments. So don’t even record your cousin’s wedding with your iPhone, you would be treated as a threat. But they also admit, “Covert action of Police and Government may require complete Blackout”. Yes, That’s correct, it seems its far easy to capture any brutality committed by them during protesting events and now the government has found a way to see that these things are not able to be documented anymore.

Apple Inc, continues: “Wireless transmission of any sophisticated, confidential information to a remote source is one of the biggest threat to security”. This confidential information can be a classified government information, military information, for examination and has been questioned by administrators or others. Oops, sounds like “Restriction to the Freedom of Speech”.

Apple has the technique with this patent to transmit an encoded signal to all wireless devices participating to this certain restricted events to disable Audio/Video recording. As, its technique of Apple Inc, but they can’t disable signals, but the decisions have to be made by certain businesses, government, network agencies, police, etc. The patent explains:

Apple has already taken some initiates to block such features in near future for certain “sensitive events” with their new feature. These events are not determined by public, but privately or by government groups.

But, what about privacy? What about personal right’s? Aren’t they  shedding? Yes they are. More restrictions can make life bitterer for us. These features can be used against public interest. It can be a threat to own private life. Many are already experiencing it. Will they cut and report illegal activities? Will other smartphone firms follow such suit? Lots of discussions have to be made before Apple Inc, apply these features. Hope it won’t be beneficial to only one part of population.

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