Despicable me_thumbnailDespicable Me is all about Gru’s gibberish speaking small Minions, who are the most lovable cartoon characters! They are heroes of this game. Minions are in full action, jumping, riding the unicorns, using freeze ray, travelling on Gru’s Rocket, dodging obstacles and collecting bananas. Despicable Me is a fun, adventures and addictive game which is available for both Android and iOS. It has four locations Gru’s lab, Residential area, Al Macho’s Liar and Beach where all fun happens with super villains like Vector, Mina, Al Macho.

For making game more interesting they have given weekly challenges, Achievements, Social connectivity via Facebook and Google+. Minions have different costumes to wear so that you can’t get bored, level ups collecting coins are a part of Despicable Me. Total size of Despicable Me is 425MB and it is free for download.

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