What is new in MIUI6?

Xiaomi MIUI 6Xiaomi has recently unveiled their new MIUI ROM for the MI devices, that is, the MIUI 6. This new ROM brings a completely new refreshing look for the MI devices. It sports a flat interface which is also very colourful. New notification centre has been added with music control panel toggle. With various securities update fixes and bug fixes the MIUI will be a delight for the users having MI smartphones.

MIUI has included subscribing to user’s interests, be it games, holidays, TV shows and more, along with the easy calendar tasks management. MIUI also sports blocking unwanted calls with a whole lot of options. The MIUI 6 has enabled access to the notifications centre from any screen (…even the lock screen) which will be a rejoice for the users. If user is busy doing any a task on their MI phone, then they will receive subtle notifications at the top in case of any notification in the MIUI 6. They will also receive distinct alerts if the notifications are important in nature. The Mail app has also been redesigned to put all the relevant mails into one folder so that users can get to see their new mails all at one glance. An attachment list has also been integrated within the app so that users can directly save them to their storage. MIUI has also integrated their one click access to customer service making it much easier for users to get help quickly. Users can also swipe on the screen to quickly swap between the front facing camera and the rear primary camera. MI Cloud has also been updated, in which users can easily update their data over Wi-Fi. Date and location data can also be easily updated into the clicked snaps. The all new MI space feature gives a clean look and breaks down the conventional grid layout of icons to give the users a refreshing new look and easy accessibility to the apps. MI Life app has been added to the update which helps to find out the nearby restaurants, cinemas, hotels and handling phone bills. The Built in Permission in MIUI 6 also helps in managing the permissions for each app, so that users can control apps that access their data. Virus scan feature has also been embedded to keep the device clean and malware free at all times. The Clean Master app has also been included to keep the phone free from junks files and spams. Data usage counter has also been added to the UI for managing the data usage. The update also brings along the Xunlei download engine so that users can download files much easily.

The MIUI 6 is currently at the beta testing stage, but they have rolled out the developer preview for the MI 3 and MI 4 users now. Xiaomi has promised the MIUI 6 upgrades for all its devices in the market.  As per current happenings at Xiaomi, users can expect the final upgrade to arrive at their devices by October.