So all did we see at Google I/O?

Google IOEverything latest that you’ll see on your android phones, watches TV and more!

If you look around you’ll see that you are actually surrounded by Android! There are so many screens around you and many of those are infact Android! So let’s have a look!

Let’s get the numbers straight!

There are 1 billion 30-day active Android users. The Google Drive document suite has 190 million active users!

KitKat is #oldstory, let’s talk about Android L

Shall we? What this L will be, we don’t know. But it will have revamped notifications, Material Design UI, better web search, “Project Hera” multitasking etc.

For the first time Google is offering a test build of the new platform.

Android Wear to make you feel smart!

So LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live both are available on Play store for preorder already! We have seen the teasers of LG G watch in past but Samsung Gear Live is something we haven’t heard of much.

Somewhere later Moto 360 is also on the way but they did not talk away much about it.

Android into cars?

If you did not know, let us enlighten you! Android is coming into cars and it is coming super soon. This year the first set of android vehicles (yes, you read right) is coming. 40 OEMs and 25 car makers have signed up for it. It will be driven by your phone and you’ll be able to connect navigation. messaging, music, voice and a lot more with it!

And there is something for Developers too! A robust SDK is coming soon so that you can create Auto-compatible apps.

Just TV, nah! Android TV!!

So we all know how Google TV went! Android TV will try to make up for it you see. Watching videos and playing games will never be the same. It’ll have better voice search. The Google Play games will be transferred on TV! Android TV boxes and TV sets is next. Google’s dev preview box runs on Tegra 4 but there will be more variety. Android TV and Android L will make a grand entry together.