Huawei shows loyalty towards customer by providing good built quality!

huawei-p8-liteBullet Shot and a phone saves your life, this doesn’t happen daily. Yes this has happened with 41-year-old Siraaj Abrahams, a father of five children who runs an IT and automotive business, was attacked and a bullet that could have penetrated his chest hit his Huawei P8 Lite instead.

After getting shot, Abraham passed out without knowing what happened exactly. But Huawei smartphone saved his life as the bullet made a hole in left pocket of his jacket and broke Huawei P8 Lite smartphone.

A similar case happened with Huawei P7 owner in a tropical forest in Guatemala last year. A researcher from Milllward Brown used the Media Pad as a shield and it saved his life from a gunshot fire exchange in Garissa, Kenya while conducting a field work research.

For Huawei it was nothing special as they didn’t do anything extraordinary, but keeping quality check which gave an edge to the company. It is kind of superpower to stop bullets by smartphone.

Source: Asian Mirror