First country to get iPhone 6 TVC region specific!

The major tech titan Apple is hoping to catch the Indian market’s attention with the arrival of its first-India specific TV commercial. The iPhone 6 ad released on Friday is based around the instantly identifiable custom of the colossal Indian wedding keeping in mind the end goal to inspire an emotional response with the Indian audience. They subtly intend to convey the offer of easy EMIs and affordability through this advertisement. The advertisement follows a bridegroom in the last few hours leading up to the wedding, with the groom using an iPhone 6 to stay in touch with his bride-to-be until finally meeting her. The ad starts off by showing the groom click a selfie with his iPhone 6, and immediately send it to the bride via iMessage, Apple’s own messaging service. The bride responds by sending back a pic of her own, but she carefully avoids picturing her face, since it’s considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony on the big day. The ad unveils Apple’s own video chatting service, Facetime in a subtle and unique manner. Yet once more, the bride is mindful so as not to show her face to the groom. The 60 second advertisement concludes with a shot of the “Mandap” where the groom finally gets to see his bride and a voiceover that says: “We know how hard it is to wait for something special. Which is why we offer the iPhone 6 on easy EMI.”

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Production House: Red Ice Films

[youtube youtubeurl=”7kxXVnAtnOQ” ][/youtube]