Nokia mocks Samsung !!

nokia mocks kitkat,samsungThere’s a saying that “people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at others”, but it seems that throwing stones has become a trend in the Nokia’s marketing department. Nokia which was recently sold to Microsoft has tried to mock Samsung and the latest version of Android 4.4 that goes by the name Kit Kat. The image was created by Nokia Deutschland and shows the words “Have a break. Have a….” with a red background and Samsung Galaxy SIII being cut in half; which may be the shot at Samsung’s all-plastic design.

Its another move from long string of childish antics by Nokia who is seemed to be most desperate to gain buzz for their Lumia line. Recently they also showed some nerve by blocking the billboard ground ad of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom by a truck which featured an ad of Lumia 1020. It seems that Nokia can do anything to get their chances up in the market with unstoppable ever increasing Android and iOS devices.Nokia-trolling-Samsung_1

The ad campaign image which was revealed on Twitter sparked quite a lot of discontent from users. They have criticised Nokia for a desperate attempt and stated that this is what a “bottom 2%” company has to resort to. Of course things aren’t that bad for Nokia but they certainly aren’t as big as they used to be. Maybe an all-out assault on its leading Android rivals might be the way for Nokia and the Windows Phone OS to snatch a much more favourable market position?