Pinterest – because anything else would be so mainstream šŸ™‚

Pinterest guided searchYesterday was May day and things were lazy and slow. So I very casually stopped playing my dear Subway Surfer and tapped on my second favourite tab on the phone (first one being, umm keep guessing), and there Pinterest opened and I discovered something new had been pushed from there end. What was it? Ah the guided search.. and how cool is that!! Very šŸ™‚

Few days back when I was looking for hairstyles for medium hair with head band I had hell lot of difficulty in finding the end result which I wanted but yesterday the things changed.

Check out this cool video by pinterest which explains this guided search:

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and hence I found the guided search very very helpful and trust me very very accurate too.

How to use Pinterest guided search:

Now that’s no rocket science!

Go to normal search and keep on adding advanced options till you haven’t chosen the perfect search terms and voila!

Ah, I didn’t even need to explain it to you, its that simple šŸ™‚

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