Sony has a great history when it comes to gaming revolution. They were among the first players to introduce a typical gaming console in the market known as “PlayStation”. We are in 2018 and their PlayStation has evolved a lot over the last years. It is now a powerhouse and can run almost any graphics intensive title. Some users are still there who believe that the first gen PlayStation was the best of all time and it looks like Sony has taken this thing seriously. To know more let’s jump to the next paragraph.

Sony has just announced that they will be bringing their old PlayStation again in the market with the moniker of “PlayStation Classic”. This thing is quite small when compared to the first gen PlayStation. However, Sony has kept the design elements almost identical to it. We are surprised to know that how this console which was first introduced in 1994 is making a comeback in 2018. PlayStation Classic will come pre-loaded with 20 well-known titles of that time. Some pre-loaded games are mentioned below:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Tekken 3
  • Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Wild Arms
  • Jumping Flash

Along with the console, users will also get the PS1 style classic controllers for games that support local multiplayer. Sony has tuned this thing to provide that Nostalgic feeling whenever you turn it on. The device is already on pre-order through Bestbuy and GameStop for a price of $99.99(INR 7,217). Stay tuned for further information related to availability and complete games list.